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The master's degree course has taken a leading role in addressing the challenges of global change in urban, territorial and environmental contexts through a multidisciplinary, integrated and interactive approach, aimed at building sustainable and resilient design strategies that combine technique and art in the creation of living places in the global north and south.

The course trains specialists in urban and territorial planning and design capable of handling "complex problems" with reference to the city, the territory, the landscape.

The presence of the University of Florence's best expert competences, together with collaborations with academic and research institutions from all over the world, makes it possible to develop an in-depth knowledge in the innovative management of urban and territorial assets and metabolisms at different scales (water, energy, food cycle), in the framework of local and circular economies that enhance common goods. During the two years of the course, the coordination between the theoretical knowledge of the frontal courses and the project activity of the five Laboratories activates a constant dialogue with the administrations and local actors in a sort of Living Lab that experiments, integrates and verifies the methodologies and techniques of urban planning with those of river redevelopment, ecology, architecture, technology, economics, landscape, agroforestry sciences and many others, forming a professional figure capable of responding to the design challenges of the contemporary world.

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