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Career opportunities

Career opportunities

Graduates acquire specialized and expert skills in urban, territorial, environmental and landscape planning and design, which allow them to carry out consultancy and coordinate interdisciplinary project groups to manage public and private action in complex processes, take multidimensional decisions and elaborate integrated projects.

Furthermore, by taking the State Exam, you can choose to enroll:

  • in the Association of Architect
  • in the Association of Agronomists.

Graduates will be able to carry out professional activities through managerial positions both in public administrations of the territory (State, regions, metropolitan cities, provinces, municipalities) and in professional firms, study centers and agencies that provide analysis services, planning, design and management of the territory and services.


In particular, the master's degree trains specialists of the following profiles:

  • territorial designer and planner.
  • urban designer and planner.
  • expert in public policies and participative processes.
  • forestry agronomist expert in territorial planning.


After the master's degree, it will be possible to continue the studies in the following programs and courses:

  • the PhD program is the third education cycle. These programs aim to provide students with research skills and capacities. PhD students are selected through a contest.
  • 2nd Level Masters are scientific and higher-order courses issuing a post-graduate degree
  • specialization schools provide the students with a specialization in a particular professional field. These courses require compulsory attendance and have a minimum of two years duration.




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