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The master’s degree is open to:

  • Students with a bachelor’s degree obtained in Italy,
  • European Union students who hold the title of Bachelor of Planning or Architecture,
  • Students from outside the European Union having a three-year University degree or diploma in Planning,
  • Architecture or any other equivalent qualification.


English language certification is a requirement for admission: 

  • for students with an Italian bachelor’s degree, is required an English language level B2 (reading and listening comprehension).
  • for students from abroad, not English mother tongue, an English language B2 level certificate must be presented within the end of the application window.



If the candidate has an educational qualification different from those listed above, the admission to the course depends on a comparative evaluation of the candidate's past career. When deemed useful, the Evaluation Committee may ask the candidates for further requirements, including a (Google Meet) interview. If the candidate has some lacks in her/his previous academic career (educational debts), he/she may be requested to fill them by attending and taking the exam of one or more single courses either within the Course of Pianificazione della Città, del Territorio e del Paesaggio, and, more generally, on behalf of the School of Architecture of the University of Florence.


Disciplines that are considered priority for the enrolment (accordingly with the Italian regulation established by the National Agency for the Research Evaluation – ANVUR) are:


  • ICAR/20 and/or ICAR/21 (Urban and Regional Planning and Design);
  • ICAR/18 (History of Architecture and History of City);
  • ICAR/06 and/or ICAR/17 (Built environment and City representation);
  • AGR/01 or AGR/05 (agri-environmental sciences and economics) or GEO/04 or GEO/05 (earth sciences).



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Then wait for the evaluation of your application, that could be positive or positive with request for integrations. If positive, you can enrol with the payment of the first instalment of your tuition fees. If positive with request for integrations, meets the requests and re-apply.




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