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Double degree and internationalization

Double degree and internationalization

The degree program promotes the international mobility of students, in Europe and non-European countries, in the context of community programs and cultural collaboration, with the possibility of carrying out internships, workshops and study trips. Contact with different cultural and institutional realities is significant in the training course. Study trips can lead to research paths aimed at the degree thesis.

A program with the Michel de Montaigne University of Bordeaux has been active for two years in the URPD master's course, conferring the double title Planning and Design of the city and territory - Urbanisme et aménagement. By accessing this program five students can attend the second year of study in Bordeaux, doing an internship at Public Bodies, Public Planning Agencies (eg. Sysdau) or Research Bodies (eg. CNRS) and the thesis followed simultaneously by Italian and French teachers. The degree courses offer the opportunity to work in contact with foreign teachers and students in the context of international seminars, study trips, workshops, and training internships.




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